The Building

Origin and historic values

The Cooperative Oil Mill was built by the Commonwealth of Catalonia in 1920. It is set on the outskirts of the town, on an uneven plot of land to make it easier to unload the olives and to later load the oil, facing south west and next to the C242. It occupies some 300 m² with two floors and a basement.

The building is constructed with stone load-bearing walls with doorways framed in brickwork and has an internal structure of square stainless steel pillars (with two probably recycled columns of cast-iron) and large wooden main beams reinforced with framework and thin, cross beams.

The Cooperative has maintained the original collection of machinery, tools, equipment and authentic items for the technical processes that were carried out in the milling room.


The cooperative culture of work organisation and the continuity of the activity since 1920 of the organisation that was founded under the name of Sindicat Agrícola Sant Antoni Abat are also added values of the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil produced in La Granadella.

La Granadella Cooperative Oil Mill is a place with a history that highlights the value of the olive oil that is prepared in Les Garrigues, the best olive oil in the world.món