The Museum


The Catalan Oil Museum, which is housed in the headquarters of La Granadella Cooperative, contains the original installations and machinery of the mill founded in 1920, which fell into disuse from 1986.

The museographic adaptation of this heritage site adds a cultural function to it and links the productive and commercial activity of the Cooperative with the territorial development projects related to oil tourism.

Exceptional cultural heritage

It is a benchmark mill in the oil industry sector of Catalonia. Its good state of preservation is notable, both in terms of its machinery (in optimal functioning condition), as well as in terms of the site and the original installations from the early 20th century.

Land of oil

Its location in Les Garrigues, an emblematic area for oil production in Catalonia, allows this cultural facility to defend its role as a point of reference throughout the country.

An active agricultural cooperative that produces EVOO

The mill represents a conception of work and the agricultural economy and is an example of the continuity of production in the food industry sector, as well as of versatility of the cooperative method to adapt to economic and social changes.

Currently, it prepares absolutely top-quality oil, searching for the uniqueness of the product.

The Catalan Oil Museum is the result of our agricultural origins and the materialisation of a desire to restore this building to be able to explain what has always been the epicentre of the region's activity: the preparation of extra virgin olive oil.


The Museum takes you on a route through five spaces all connected to oil and the process of obtaining it:

The Catalan Oil Museum concentrates the history of oil in our region into a single space