Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil from the Catalan Oil Culture Centre


An oil with a fruity green colour and mature notes, with a spicy palate, with clear sweetness and bitterness. It has secondary aromas of a plant nature, with touches of mown grass and leaves, vegetables (artichoke, tomato plant), green almond, tomato, as well as an almondy sensation on the palate.  The resulting blend is complex and rich.

Traditional arbequinas

Arbequina olives and olive pâté

These green olives are harvested manually from the olive tree and are placed in underground oil mills with water, salt and aromatic herbs.

There are excellent for aperitifs and salads.

Products from La Granadella cooperative:

Olive Oil Cosmetics

Carícies d’Oli

Olive oil from the first cold pressing is the basis of Carícies d'Oli cosmetic products. It is rich in essential fatty acids and polyphenols, very hydrating and with an infinity of properties that are beneficial for the skin. Olive oil is antioxidant, it smooths, impregnates, preserves, gives a scent and contains vitamin E. It also has waterproofing properties and does not interfere with the natural functions of the skin.

Products from the territory

Cal Senzill

  • Completely natural plant preserves without any kind of artificial preservative or additive. 
  • Oil marmalade - sweet, ideal for breakfast, excellent with the spicy sausage known as sobrassada
  • Olivada - savoury, great with quince jelly
  • Apple allioli with curry - spicy, ideal with meat
  • Fig allioli - smooth, perfect with savoury food

Celler Matallonga


The grapes they use come from their own vineyards at an altitude of 500 and 650 metres above sea level.
They watch over the entire process with care, they pamper the vines, they know that to make a good wine you need to have excellent quality raw materials, they take care of the preparation process as well as its commercialisation. 

  • Celler Matallonga has a production of 14,000 bottles and four types of wine:
  • Escorça - white wine from 100% old Macabeo vines
  • Escorça Ch - a result of regenerative agriculture using the Chardonnay variety
  • Vi de Banya - red wine aged for six months in French oak barrels
  • Matallonga Selecció - a selection of the best red wines aged for 12 months in French oak barrels

Foment Agrícola les Garrigues


Foment Agrícola de les Garrigues, SA is a food industry company that specialises in the cultivation, processing, preparation and packaging of nuts.

Caramelised - Starting with a light toasting, caramelised in a traditional way, using just sugar, leaving a fine layer of transparent sugar and separated by hand, one by one. This means that you can enjoy the full flavour of the nut.

  • 500 g bottle of caramelised almond
  • 500 g bottle of caramelised pistachio
  • 130 g of caramelised macadamia nut

Xoco - caramelised in a traditional way, using just sugar, leaving a fine layer of transparent sugar and separated by hand, one by one, so that you can enjoy the full flavour of the nut. Once this process has been carried out, a covering of chocolate and cocoa is applied.

  • 500 g of xoco almond
  • 130 g of xoco peanut 

Mix - we can prepare any kind of mixture using our nuts and dehydrated fruits to adapt to our customers' requirements. Our products are served in vacuum-sealed bags to guarantee their quality.

  • 100 g salad mix
  • 100 g natural mix

Fried and salted - Using a good olive oil, which is frequently changed to be able to preserves its aroma and particular features thereby guaranteeing maximum freshness. 

  • 100 g of toasted, salted pistachios

Toasted - Traditionally toasted in small quantities, thereby preserving their aroma and texture, selecting the best nuts from each harvest.

  • 100 g of toasted hazelnuts
  • 100 g of toasted Marcona almonds
  • 130 g of toasted elongated almonds 

Walnut wine

Walnut wine is a sweet liqueur of unknown origin. Thanks to its composition, one would think that it comes from a territory in which there is a predominance of vines and in which there was, at the same time, enough water for the walnut trees, as wine and green walnuts are its two main ingredients.A smooth 20° liqueur.