Activities for schools, high schools and training centers

the culture of olive oil. To help to disseminate the world of olive oil among our young people, we have a series of activities and educational guides for all ages and for different educational levels.

The activities are mainly practical ones. Through observation, experimentation, tasting and work dynamics on the territory, we propose activities so that the group of students get to know in depth and in a practical way how the world of olive oil has become a culture that has had a positive effect on multiple disciplines. We have two kinds of activities:

Check out the educational programme (in catalan) for the 2024-2025 academic year

You can see an example of an educational activity: the chocolate workshop.

Organised trips

The Centre will be available during the entire school year. However, you need to organise the day of your trip and the type of activity you would like to do. Please call us on (+34) 973 09 41 01 or send an email to info(ELIMINAR)